Employee Spotlight

Summer Gomes:  Administrative Assistant

This employee spotlight is a force to be reckoned with! Summer worked for Design Builder’s from Nov 2013 to May 2016 when she left to travel and focus on some personal goals. When she came back to Design Builders in March 2018, our entire company was happy to have her back.

Summer is an amazing asset to our team. She is extremely organized and if it wasn’t for her, we would be lost. Summer keeps us all on track. 6 months after returning to the Design Builders family, Summer was diagnosed with breast cancer. After learning of her diagnosis, we were all devastated.

However, Summer’s incredible tenacity and optimistic attitude never wavered. Her follow through is exceptional and the customer experience she has provided, even during chemo, is extraordinary. You would never guess that Summer is going through a challenging time because her attitude has always remained positive. She is such a light no matter where she goes. (Ex: This Valentine’s day, Summer made everybody little gifts to “spread the love”).

Summer sits at the receptionist desk so she is the first face that people see when they come to our office and the first person they speak to when they call us. Nobody has been able to do this job as well as she has.

When we sat down to speak with Summer, this is what she had to say:

“I am very happy to have come back to DB to work. I love the family atmosphere and coming back was like coming home. After my cancer diagnosis, the amount of concern, compassion, support & love that everyone in the company has shown me has been overwhelming. This is why I love DB! We are family here!

Going through this cancer journey and through chemo treatments with a full-time job is a bit hard at times. I like to perform to the best of my abilities, and I hate having to miss work.

The best adventure I have had so far in life was a church mission to Poland for 10 days. My team was placed in an adult mental health home to rehab tenants’ rooms, their gym & garden area. It was a life changing experience.

One thing I want people to know about me…. That I am a survivor!”

averyannaEmployee Spotlight

Job Title: Designer

One of our AMAZING team members, Averyanna, just found out that she passed all of her exams and is officially a college graduate with a degree in Business Management. We are so proud of her and want to put a spotlight on her to recognize her hard work and accomplishments.

Averyanna is our Designer. She does a fantastic job helping us create our client’s dream homes. We obtained Averyanna when she came into this field of work wanting to work for a company similar to Design Builder’s – now she uses her knowledge, talents, and skill set to help our company grow.

Averyanna’s mother also studied Business Management and both of them completed their degrees online and she is the youngest person in her immediate family to graduate from college. Averyanna loved the fact that she could study online because she was able to travel abroad while she was in school.

Now, Averyanna plans to use her degree to evaluate and analyze the business aspect of her position differently – and to get more sleep now that she isn’t in class!

Congratulations Averyanna!