DIY Fire Damage Cleanup: Why is it Dangerous?

fire damage las vegas, fire damage cleanup las vegasA fire, especially a house fire, can be a traumatic experience. It can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage. After the fire is put out, the danger and damage still remain.. It doesn’t go away. Fire damage restoration is important in ensuring that your home is restored to being a safe place once again. There are certain dangers that you should be aware of so you don’t put yourself at risk, and also cause more fire damage hazards for you and your Las Vegas home.

Fire Damage In Las Vegas

Dangers of Fire

Fire can weaken structures. Fires eat everything in their path and that is the truth for your home as well. The fire, its flames, and its extreme heat can cause damage. They can be very dangerous and after it is extinguished, much of the structure could be weakened from its exposure to the fire. In extreme cases these structures such as stairs or floors can give way and be a serious hazard. 

Dangers from Water Damage

Wait a minute… aren’t we supposed to be talking about fire damage. Many fires are put out by water. The water does the job of extinguishing the fire but it also is left behind to cause water damage if it is not taken care of correctly. Water can grow pathogens and viruses that can become dangerous. As well, just the moist materials can produce the perfect growing ground for mold. Mold has a very potent smell but it also can be a health risk. It can greatly affect the respiratory system. Because of the possibility of mold growth, it is very important to not only address the fire damage but the water damage that occurred as well.

Dangers of Smoke and Soot

Smoke and soot can cause great damage and oftentimes the damage is not easily seen. Smoke and soot remain in the house, embedded in the walls, carpet, furniture and other materials. Smoke and soot occur when some materials do not burn cleanly. These waste products that are produced can be made up of all sorts of chemicals that are harmful to your health. Because of the many different materials in our home such as fabrics, plastics, different wood products, etc, there’s the possibility that they will burn and the resultant smoke and soot could be hazardous to your health.

Those with poor immune systems or underlying health conditions are at a greater risk and are much more sensitive to smoke. Children and the elderly are two populations that can be greatly affected. There are numerous ways you can be exposed to smoke. It can occur through the skin, eyes, inhalation, or ingestion. Once smoke or soot enters the bloodstream it can cause a variety of health issues that could prove to be lifelong.

It is unfortunate that the safety risks aren’t extinguished once the fire is. The damage caused by the fire can last a very long time unless it is taken care of correctly. Because of the dangers that are left behind from a fire, the fire damage cleanup should be done wearing protective gear and by those who are expert in doing it correctly and safely. There are professional fire damage restoration companies who can help. For those in the Las Vegas area, Design Builders could be the company to help you.