Fire Damage And What It Encompasses

fire damage las vegas, fire damage repair las vegas, fire damage restoration las vegasWhen a fire strikes your Las Vegas home, there is more damage than what meets the eye. When it comes to fire damage restoration, all of it needs to be taken care of.

Fire Damage Las Vegas

Fire Damage

The damage that results from a fire seems like a no brainer. Obviously, if a house fire occurs, parts of the home will be burnt, some possessions charred, sometimes, completely obliterated. This may cause structures to be weak and dangerous. This is not where the damage stops however. 

Smoke And Soot

It is important to take into account the damage from smoke and soot. Sometimes this can cause even greater harm than the fire damage itself. Even after a fire is put out, smoke and soot linger, embedding itself into all sorts of materials. The smell will last for a lengthy amount of time but the annoyance of smell is not the worst of it. Breathing in any amount of smoke can cause negative health effects, especially on those with underlying health conditions such as asthma. When you breathe in smoke, it immediately affects you through causing irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. It has even been shown to change the way your lungs function temporarily even if just inhaled for a short amount of time. Sometimes the effects from inhaling smoke can last a couple of days.

Smoke contains many different molecules that are harmful to the human body, such as carbon monoxide, that deprives the body of oxygen. Short term there are effects but if smoke is inhaled long term, it can cause even more detrimental implications. It can cause respiratory and cardiac diseases. For this reason, the clean up of smoke and soot is super important after a house fire to ensure that the smoke and soot isn’t breathed in continuously even after the restoration process is over. 

Water Damage

Most often fires are extinguished by water. After a house fire, firefighters leave having used plenty of water to ensure the fire is extinguished. This causes water damage. Many materials can warp or rust if the water damage isn’t taken care of right away and it could cause structures to weaken more in addition to what the fire has already done. Proper drying and disinfecting will be important to remove any damage done by water.

Everything listed above probably sounds like nothing but misery but on the upside, if you are ever facing a house fire, of any size, there is a way to come back from it. There are professional restoration teams that take into account the damage from water, smoke, and soot as well, and can help you restore your home back to normal. This sort of thing can’t always be guaranteed as sometimes the aftermath of a fire is even too extensive for a restoration. The guarantee comes when professional restoration teams like those at Design Builders can do all they can to assess the damage and do what they can to save your personal possessions and home.