In Home Water Damage Risks And How To Cleanup Properly

hwater damage cleanup north las vegas, water damage restoration north las vegas, water damage repair north las vegasModern technology has made indoor plumbing a possibility. From dishwashers, washing machines, to bathrooms, our homes contain many appliances and utilities to make everyday life a little easier. We are able to wash a load of laundry in an hour rather than hand wash every little item and hope it gets clean. We are able to wash and dry dishes with one cycle after dinner instead of hand washing every fork, plate, and cup. It’s actually a blessing to have these utilities in our home; however, with every appliance comes a risk for equipment failure. Therefore, with these specific appliances, water damage and cleanup is definitely a possibility. From the water damage cleanup experts at Design Builders, located in North Las Vegas, here are a few things you should look out for:

Water Damage Cleanup In North Las Vegas

Water Heater

Believe it or not, your hot water heater is one of the top sources for water damage. A hot water heater can fail in many ways. Water heaters have equipment installed that attracts corrosive molecules in the water. Over time this equipment can corrode, allowing water to leak through. In addition to corrosion, sediment buildup also causes the water heater to dysfunction. The sediment has the potential to clog various parts of the heater or settle at the bottom. Either way, the sediment deteriorates the heater; consequently, water leaks occur. High pressure in a water heater will also lead to water damage. Water tanks typically go under pressure anyway due to the hot water; however, if too much pressure exists, water will flow through cracks and loose parts. 

Water heaters have a typical life of 12 years, if regular maintenance and repairs are performed. Regular maintenance includes tightening/replacing valves, cleaning annually, and occasionally lowering the pressure. It’s smart to invest in small fixes to avoid the various water damage costly cleanup problems. After the 12-year mark, it’s best to consult with a plumber to determine if it’s time for a new water heater. 


Just like water heaters, there are many ways which dishwashers can inflict water damage and cause a costly cleanup. First, a leaky gasket is one of the main causes of water leaks. The gasket is the seal around the door which assures the door is closed tightly. When a gasket is ripped or damaged, water may leak through the front of the dishwasher; therefore, getting all over your floor. Hose valves are another common way dishwasher leak. When the valve is rusted or loose, the water has enough force to disrupt the connection. Consequently, the water will leak out of the hose and onto the floor. These are normally indicated by water flowing from underneath the washer. 

Though there are many more ways dishwashers can malfunction, most can be avoided by replacing valves, hoses, and other various parts. Similar to water heaters, dishwashers have a life of about 10 years. Water damage cleanup can be very time consuming and expensive, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date with appliance maintenance.

Washing Machines 

Washing machines have many hoses, valves, and electrical parts to keep it running. Overtime, these can deteriorate, rust, and stop working, causing water leaks. The most common leak stems from a loose water hose (the hose connecting to the wall). The fix could be as easy as tightening it just a little bit; however, complete replacement is a possibility. Other culprits of water leaks are due to dried out hoses. Sometimes the outward appearance of a hose looks completely fine, but the inside is dried out and can crack more easily. 

Washing machines are very similar to dish washers, since most fixes consist of replacing old valves and hoses. Hoses have a life of about 5 years, so despite the look of the hoses, it’s important to replace them to avoid cracked hoses. Overall, the washing machine has a life of 11 years. Just like all the other appliances, replacing the appliance after a certain amount of time will decrease your chances of water leaks and water damage.

Be sure to pay attention to these appliances and contact professional help if you ever experience any sort of water damage cleanup crisis!