The Negative Effects Of Fire Damage

fire damage las vegas, fire damage restoration las vegas, fire damage repair las vegasWe cook with it, we receive warmth from it, we cleanse with it. Fire is one of humanity’s greatest assets, but also one of nature’s most destructive elements. Fire damage is no stranger to residents in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Nevada is located in a hot, dry portion of the United States with plenty of fuels for fires. 

Fire Damage In Las Vegas 

What Causes Fire Damage?

Unsupervised candles: unsupervised candles are responsible for much fire damage. If you have pets or children your risk of fire damage is much higher. Always be in the same room as a lit candle! If you leave the house for any reason, be sure to extinguish the candle. 

Dryer lint: Although this is one is a less common reason for fire damage in the Las Vegas area, it is a super easy one to prevent! Make it a habit of cleaning out your lint trap before or after each new load is thrown into the dryer.

Outdated or faulty electrical wiring: This reason is a little harder to recognize, as wires tend to be hidden on the inside of walls. If you, or anyone in your home, notice strange burning smells, act quickly. Electrical fires are often unexpected and devastating. 

Adolescents: Kids have shown a trend over the years of being curious and irresponsible with fire. Keep matches, lighters, and flammable materials away from children, and teach them responsible fire safety techniques. 

Kitchen fires: Kitchen fires are the most common type of house fire. In the United States, 50% of house fires annually begin in the kitchen. Never leave cooking food unattended. If you experience a grease fire, never throw water on it, although this may be your first instinct! Grab a damp cloth and put that over the fire, if it is safe to do so. Grease fires get out of hand extremely quickly. Dowsing your pot or pan in baking soda, or using a fire extinguisher are also viable options. Be wary of how high your cooking knobs are turned when cooking food. There are certain temperature limits to be aware of to aid in fire damage prevention.

Although these are just a few of the ways fire damage can occur in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, always be alert for other potential fire hazards! If you do experience fire damage, contact a fire damage restoration specialist, like those at Design Builders Construction located in Las Vegas. Fire damage specialists are trained to take the reins! 

What Do Fire Damage Specialists Do?

Fire damage specialists, like those at Design Builders in Las Vegas,  inspect the damaged remains and begin working to secure the building, as well as cleaning up along the way. Each plan is different, as fire damage varies, but addressing structural and smoke damage is the one of the first steps. The specialists will secure the building, making sure those who will be entering and exiting will be safe from any possible collapsing beams and other falling debris. They will then begin cleaning soot from salvageable items, and providing additional smoke damage procedures. Whatever the case, you’re in good hands! The specialists will address all your needs and concerns, and make sure you’re satisfied with the plans to mend damage to your home or building.