Risks Of Attempting Water Damage Cleanup On Your Own

water damage cleanup north las vegas, water damage north las vegas, water damage restoration north las vegasTaking risks can pay off when the reward outweighs the consequence. While there is a time and place for risk taking, one thing you should not risk is incorrect water damage cleanup of your home following water damage. Many homeowners in North Las Vegas feel like they may be able to save a few bucks by attempting water damage cleanup themselves, but the risks of DIY water cleanup are just not worth it (and will probably end up costing more in the long haul). 

Water Damage Cleanup In North Las Vegas

Risk #1: Putting yourself, or your family, in a dangerous situation.

Water has flooded, pooled, or leaked into your home – no big deal right? Wrong. Even when water damage doesn’t appear to be extensive or serious, certain situations can pose some incredibly dangerous threats. Lack of personal protective equipment can expose individuals to harmful contaminants in water. Depending on the source of the water, there can be grossly contaminated water that can cause serious illness if ingested or even upon contact (like sewage water).

If you are unable to identify the source of the water, treat it as if it is contaminated and wait for the professionals. Excess water in homes also carries the risk of electrical shock. Failing to turn off power and appliances in the affected area could prove to be fatal. The risks of potential dangers and hazards following water damage are not worth it; it is better to let trained and experienced professionals handle water damage cleanup. 

Risk #2: Waiting too long to begin the cleanup process.

When it comes to successful water damage restoration with as little damage as possible, timing is of the essence. The first 48 hours following water damage are crucial in mitigating further damage and costs. If water is not extracted as quickly as possible, structural damage can begin to occur and carpet and flooring will suffer immensely. Other systems in the home, such as gas lines, HVAC systems, septic systems, and plumbing systems are also at increased risk the longer water sits. Another serious problem you face with water damage is mold growth.

Mold growth can begin in as little as 24-48 hours following water damage and spreads very easily through the air. Mold found in homes has serious health threats, including (but not limited to): coughing, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, headaches, and other respiratory problems. Failing to begin water cleanup ASAP can lead to many more problems, and prolongs the water damage cleanup process. Simplified, the longer water sits, the sores the damage becomes and the more costly restoration will be. 

Risk 3: Inadequate removal and drying of water

Popular DIY water damage restoration methods include the use of towels, mops, and shop vacuums to help dry up and remove water. While these methods may appear to remove and dry up the water, the proper cleanup is not achieved. Water and moisture can penetrate porous materials, such as drywall, insulation, floorboards, carpet, etc, and this hidden water can become trapped inside.

Without the use of professional-grade moisture detection equipment, this moisture will cause damage long after the visible water has dried. Without commercial-grade drying equipment like air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers, thorough and adequate drying cannot be guaranteed. Sure this equipment may be able to be rented, but without the proper training and experience, it will not produce the same results that you would get with water damage cleanup professionals. 

DIY water restoration is extremely challenging and risky. Do not take chances on your home; leave water damage cleanup to the North Las Vegas professionals at Design Builders.