Six Ways To Guard Your Las Vegas Home From Fire Damage

fire damage las vegas, fire damage restoration las vegas, fire damage repair las vegasTaking active steps to fireproof your home is one of the most important things you can do to prevent house fires. While there are many different chemical-based solutions that fortify your home against fires, there are even more natural ways to prevent fires in your home. From our fire damage restoration experts at Design Builders in Las Vegas, below are six simple and all-natural things you can do to prevent house fires. 

Remove Dry Vegetation

Dry vegetation can easily accumulate around your home if you aren’t careful. Whether it be a dry spell in the weather or simply failing to water your plants sufficiently, dry vegetation is a considerable hazard. Even the smallest spark that lands on a dry piece of vegetation have the potential to make the vegetation burst into flames that could spread to your home. 

Consider Planting Fire Resistant Plants Near Your Home

This is by no means a requirement to keep your home safe from fires, but it is an easy way to decrease the likelihood of a flood occurring. A few examples of fire-resistant plants are Eastern Redbud, Live Oak, Sycamore, Yucca, Agave, Salvias, and Lavender. Of course, certain plants are only suited to some climates so you shouldn’t worry if this doesn’t work out for you. 

Water Your Lawn 

This is obvious but still easily neglected. Make sure you keep your lawns sufficiently watered and your yard will act as an additional barrier against fire damage. Fail to keep your grass watered, however, and it can be a contributing factor to fire damage instead. 

Wet Down The Roof

Flying sparks and embers can grab hold of your roof easily. If it is wet, this will help to extinguish flying sparks. Fireworks, bbq’s and outside bonfires can ignite housefires easily if there is enough dry material lying around. Before any of these events, wet down your roof to keep it from sparking.

Consider Brick Or Stone For The Exterior Of Your Home

Cedar shakes might look great but are very flammable in a fire. Brick or stone on the other hand act as repellents against fires. Of course, it’s not a necessity that you do this, but it is advisable that you at least finish the bottom part of your home in brick or rock since that is where a fire is most likely to begin. 

Clear Your Home Of Clutter

A cluttered home is a major fire hazard due to all the different ways a fire can start among all the clutter. Fire damage is more likely to happen and will burn quicker in clutter. The solution is simple; just keep your home cleaner. This doesn’t mean it needs to be spotless but you should at least keep papers, blankets, and other easily flammable materials put away. 

Fire Damage In Las Vegas

Even with these all-natural solutions to fire prevention in mind, you should still consider other means of preventing fires as well. These include chemical solutions and simply exercising extreme caution on your end. By following each of these steps, your home will be well-fortified against water damage. If your home is still affected by a fire, however, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Design Builders in Las Vegas for help with the fire damage restoration process.