The Aftermath Of Water Damage When Professional Cleanup Is Skipped

water damage cleanup north las vegas, water damage restoration north las vegas, water damage north las vegasAdult life is busy, and family life is even busier.  Taking care of yourself is already a full-time job.  Add a spouse, children, and the family pet to the mix, and you’re responsible for a lot.  Once you’ve purchased your own home, you’re responsible for that as well.  Sadly, many things can go wrong in your home, sometimes in areas that you don’t think about.

Basements can flood, toilets can overflow; here in the Mojave Desert, we experience scary flash floods and random, heavy rainfall.  All of these can lead to dangerous water damage in the home that will require immediate cleanup.  Otherwise, your family faces potentially life-threatening molds, insects, and bacteria, whether directly or indirectly.  Even though these organic materials may seem less dangerous than man-made chemicals, they are incredibly dangerous.  Water cleanup and damage mitigation is key to preserving your home, your family’s safety, and your sanity. 

Dangerous Mold

Insects, dangerous mold, and bacteria are all attracted to moisture and well-regulated temperatures.  Think mold and mildew might be a headache to get rid of?  Well those headaches could quite literally be caused by certain types of mold that can grow and proliferate in home settings.  Mold can also cause respiratory issues, allergies, and can be potentially fatal.  Stachybotrys, also known as “black mold”, is one of the most feared molds to find in your home.  It has been linked to nosebleeds, headaches, and fevers in adults.  It has also been correlated to neurological complications in children, and pulmonary bleeding in infants. 


Certain insect infestations can prove to be a threat to the structure of your home, whether it be by laying their eggs behind your drywall, digesting parts of your house’s foundation, or spreading bacteria on surfaces.  Silverfish, cockroaches, mites, and earwigs are all attracted to damp, dark locations throughout the house.  Mosquitoes also notoriously lay their eggs in stagnant water, regardless of how shallow, wide, or clean the water is.  Therefore, attics, basements, and closets are particularly susceptible areas of the home.  Unfortunately, these areas, especially the basement where utility zones are located, are also where flooding and water damage tend to happen. 


Different bacteria pose different threats.  Regardless of the bacteria, however, you don’t want any of them in your home, especially if they’re the result of standing water.  Standing water, or water that is stagnant and not moving, is a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites.  

Water Damage Cleanup In North Las Vegas

To prevent encountering any of these dangerous materials, contact your local water cleanup company immediately after any water damage has occurred in your home.  Design Builders General Contractors of Henderson, Nevada offer intensive flood and water-based damage cleanup.  With their team of emergency water damage cleanup professionals available 24/7, they’re easy to contact any time of day, for any water-related emergency.  

Water damage can be dangerous if not taken care of immediately.  However, Design Builders work quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly to clean up any water that could cause damage or negative health effects.  Their first priority is your home, so your first priority can be your family.