How To Prepare For Fire Damage

Whenever you experience a natural disaster, whether it be floods, earthquakes, or even heavy winds, it is always a good idea to have a game plan. When you experience any sort of fire damage in your Las Vegas home, the same is true. Having a game plan to know what to do, how to react, and who to contact is a great way to be prepared for the worst. From local Las Vegas professionals, Design Builders give a few suggestions on what you can do to be ready when fire damage hits your home or company building. 

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  1. Contact your local fire department and professional cleanup crew: This may be obvious, but it is very important to dial 911 as fast as possible. It is also a good idea to contact professionals to come and help with the damage. They will be able to assist with your needs after the devastating event.
  2. Know where the exits are located: Whether you are in your home or your commercial building, it is important to know where all of the exits are located. Exits are not just doors. Windows are also a great escape route. When it comes to fire damage, it is very important to get out as soon as you can. As soon as the flames begin, the structure of your home or building will immediately begin to weaken. 
  3. Make sure everyone makes it out safely: Do a headcount as soon as you can. It is important to make sure that you know everyone is safely out of the way of the flame. It will also help the rescue crew to know everyone is accounted for. 
  4. Turn off any power: If you can, and if the flame is small enough, turn off any power line that may be connected. This will help keep the damage to a minimum, as the flame will be unable to catch any lingering sparks. 
  5. Stay low: If you are inside when the fire begins, get low right away. Smoke rises and will be more of a hazard to you. It is very harmful to your lungs, and the last thing you need is health problems coupled with the cleanup you already have to deal with. Try your best to cover your nose and mouth with your arm or article of clothing. 
  6. Do not try to enter your home or building if the fire has already happened: This is a big one. You may be tempted to go inside to gather belongings or look for loved ones. DO NOT do this. The restoration team and rescue crews are there to help you with these things. Keep yourself safe and let the professionals do their job in salvaging your home and belongings. 
  7. Do not try to clean up the mess yourself: After the flames have been put out and the damage is done, you may want to start cleaning. Let the professional crew help you do this. They have special equipment that is designed to take the smell, and the smoke and soot out of your belongings and even the walls and ceilings. The last thing you need is more hassle for yourself.

Professional Fire Damage Repair In Las Vegas

Contact the professionals at Design Builders and they will be able to handle any size of fire damage. Our team of fire damage cleanup specialists has the training and experienced necessary to ensure your property is safe from future problems due to past fires. Contact our team today.