Health Issues Caused By Unresolved Fire Damage In Your Home

fire damage las vegas, fire damage cleanup las vegas, fire damage restoration las vegasFire damage is one disaster in your home that can pose a very serious threat to your health. To avoid any unnecessary health risks, it is important that you understand how fire damage in your home can affect you and how quick fire damage cleanup methods can reduce your risk of serious or complicated illnesses. There are four main health concerns to be aware of.

Smoke And Soot Inhalation

Inhaling smoke and soot is incredibly dangerous. Smoke inhalation on its own can lead to chronic respiratory problems. Soot inhalation is an even more serious matter. Soot is composed of tiny, microscopic particles of material burnt by the fire. When inhaled, they can cause massive damage to your lungs and throat. Soot can even have carcinogenic properties potentially leading to cancer in those who inhale it. It is best to simply avoid going inside your home after a fire until the fire damage cleanup experts are able to clean and remove lingering smoke and soot. 

Disturbed Asbestos

This is probably the most overlooked health hazard after a fire. Asbestos is composed of tiny, microscopic fibers. While airborne, these fibers can be inhaled and travel deep into a person’s lungs. They can become lodged in the lung tissue and lead to a number of serious diseases including lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. The reason why fire damage can lead to asbestos problems is that fire damage disturbs asbestos that has been trapped inside a wall. Essentially a fire can “activate” previously dormant asbestos. Asbestos is common in old homes,so if your home is old then you should be especially concerned about any asbestos problems. 

Structural Damage

It should come as no surprise that fires often lead to significant structural damage. This damage is especially dangerous when it isn’t readily apparent. For example, the fire may cause serious damage to your ceiling but in a way that you can’t readily see it. This is dangerous since you can be lulled into a false sense of security thinking that your home is structurally sound when in reality it is just the smallest movement away from collapsing. Fire damage restoration professionals will help secure your property and get it back to a safe and habitable condition as quickly as they can.

Mold Growth

Last of all, mold growth is another notable hazard after a fire. This isn’t because the fire causes mold but because of the large amount of water needed to put out the fire can lead to mold growth over time. Mold becomes dangerous when it has been allowed to grow for an extended period of time. When this happens, inhaling the spores from the mold usually leads to minor or moderate respiratory symptoms. 

Don’t put yourself at risk of unnecessary harm. You can use the information above to avoid the most dangerous parts of fire damage. Once you have done this, you can rely on fire damage experts like those at Design Builders in Las Vegas. Their team of professional restoration technicians will quickly and professionally take care of the fire damage in your home and allow you to stay safe while doing so.