3 Ways To Prepare For Business Fires

A fire at your place of business in Las Vegas affects everyone in your building and is one of the worst disasters that can happen to a business owner. Commercial fire damage is devastating and must be planned for and prepared for by every business owner. As a business owner, you need to focus on fire risk assessment, fire prevention, and staff education so you can help reduce the risk of a fire occurring and help to mitigate the damage if it does. 

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire safety codes must be in place for businesses. You should contact your local fire marshal and schedule a visit for your business so they can help you make sure safety codes are met, and an effective fire prevention plan is in place. Property managers should have a fire escape route clearly defined for the building, so be sure that it is posted in your work area. You can also use the National Fire Protection Association’s website for further information and publications on the fire safety code for businesses. Keeping your place of business in line with fire safety codes will greatly reduce the risk of fires.

Fire Prevention And Protection

Standard fire safety practices call for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on every floor of the building. Automatic sprinkler systems are also a great tool to provide primary protection for your business in case of a fire. Emergency equipment kits should also be available in your workplace to provide items such as bottled water, flashlights, and escape masks to fight against smoke inhalation. 

Fire Safety Education For Staff And Employees

Educating employees and staff on how to respond in the wake of fire will greatly increase the odds of everyone getting out of the building safely and quickly. Here are some ways you should educate employees about fire safety:

  • Have a fire escape plan in place, and make sure your employees are informed and rehearsed on how it works. Post the fire escape routes in areas that can be seen by all building occupants. Conduct a fire drill at least once a year to keep employees practiced and aware of the fire escape plan. 
  • Designate an office fire safety and prevention officer. Their duties will include composing escape routes that are in compliance with the building manager, designate safe meeting points outside of the building, and offer scheduled fire safety training and education for fellow employees. They will also be sure that fire prevention information and practices are up to date and in compliance with business safety codes.
  • Install an automatic sprinkler system in your building. Sprinkler systems are cost-effective and have proven to be the best way to fight the spread of a commercial fire. The National Fire Protection Association reported that properly installed and maintained sprinkler systems are 95% effective in commercial fires.
  •  Make sure all employees know how to activate the emergency response system in your building. Most commercial fire alarms alert local authorities and fire departments when they go off, but it is still good practice to be sure that all employees know how to alert emergency personnel. 

If you find your commercial property damaged by fire or smoke, you can contact the professional fire damage restoration team at Design Builders in Las Vegas 24 hours a day!