Tips For Starting A Commercial Construction Project

commercial construction las vegas, commercial reconstruction las vegasSo you are finally ready to start a business in Las Vegas, and are starting the commercial construction – exciting! With such a huge project at hand, commercial construction can either set your business off on the right foot, or put it behind 1000 steps. Before beginning any construction project, you will want to be sure to avoid these common construction roadblocks so that your building process goes smoothly and as planned.

  1. Unclear Planning

Commercial construction projects involve a massive amount of decision-making for the business owner. With the number of customized selections, finishes, and other details, a clear plan from start to finish is absolutely necessary. Though it can be tedious and time-consuming, all of the details – from roofing material to floor finishes, to trim, lighting, and everything in-between, needs to be decided on before anything else begins. Some finishes and items may not be available in your needed quantities, or may not fit in spaces that you intended them, and setbacks like these not only increase project completion time but can also cause frustration and dissatisfaction. Sit down with your commercial construction manager and develop a clear plan. Finalize every detail before any construction actually begins, so that you and the construction team know what the end goal will look like. Remember, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” 

  1. Plan for the Unexpected

A clear and detailed construction plan keeps everything running smoothly, and everyone working towards the same end goal. However, even with clear extensive plans, revisions are unavoidable. From unexpected bad weather to unplanned site conditions, there are many factors that just cannot be planned for. When challenges present themselves, and necessary changes are required, be prepared to make decisions on what changes will be made. It is important to have a process in place where your commercial construction manager can communicate challenges, changes, proposals, and necessary revisions to everyone involved in the decision-making so that issues can be resolved quickly, while still meeting desires and needs. Contingencies in the project budget can help ensure funds are available for those situations when they arise. 

  1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

From the very first visit, throughout the entire process, and until the very end of construction, clear communication is key. You need to sit down with your project team (contractor, engineer, architect, etc) and have an open discussion about the expectations and responsibilities of each party. Clearly communicated expectations will result in a satisfying finished project. It is important to set up a communication process, who should speak to whom, and establish a required frequency of communication, (daily or weekly updates, etc). Make sure that you are satisfied with how and when you will be updated, and with the availability of team members for questions or concerns. Keep communication channels open and honest, and hold everyone accountable to their role (yourself included). 

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