Design Builder’s Take Part In Nevada State Bank Economic Survey

A recent survey conducted by Nevada State Bank shows that most Nevada business owners and executives are quite optimistic about the state’s economy now and in the future. Even though some suspect that a recession may happen in 2020, it seems that most business owners and executives with annual sales ranging between $250,000 and $10 million surveyed by the research firm Applied Analysis do not suspect economic destruction on the horizon – but also are not ruling out the possibility of a slower time.

Design Builder’s Randy Donald was quoted saying

              “There are a lot of things in the pipeline because of the bigger projects going on like the Raiders’ practice facility, sports brings a lot of excitement to the city and brings jobs and diversification. It’s adding to construction work right now.”

81% of the 400 Nevada business owners surveyed seem to agree that the economy is headed in the right direction – the optimism has definitely increased in Nevada business owners since 2017!

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