Preventing (Or Dealing with) Water Damage

water damage northern las vegas, water cleanup northern las vegasAs a homeowner, (or a responsible renter) it’s important to recognize the signs of water damage. Water can not only harm walls, floors, and cause toxic mold to grow. It can also cause permanent structural damage due to leaks, floods, overflowing water sources, failing appliances, or poor construction. Although water damage can exist anywhere inside a home, some important high-risk areas to check first are:

Check The Walls

Water stains on the walls and ceilings are obvious signs. Also look around windows, window sills, and door frames. Any unusual coloring could be a sign of a leak within the wall. Also, look for cracks in the drywall or any areas of wall with a swollen appearance or soft to the touch; this indicates lingering moisture.

If water has wicked up the drywall or plaster, immediately remove baseboards since water gets trapped behind which creates a barrier to drying. Since mold begins to grow on porous surfaces after 48-72 hours of dampness, act fast. When you encounter mold, do not disturb the mold and release spores into the air. Hire an expert like Design Builders to properly remediate your home.

Notice Changes In The Floors

Water can damage all types of flooring, even seeping down to the subfloor. Look for any warping or buckling of the floors. Be wary of stains on wood floors, damp carpeting, or a general smell of dampness and mold.
Usually, carpet and pads which are damaged with clean Category I water can be salvaged. Carpet cushion damaged by Category II water needs to be disposed of, but the carpet can be sanitized and salvaged. Flooring damaged by Category III water needs to be disposed of immediately and the slab or subfloor treated with antimicrobial chemicals. Again, leave this to the experts. It takes proper training to safely remove flooring damaged to this extent.

Follow That Smell

If you smell that damp, musty smell, look everywhere for the source. Check for any damp upholstery or wooden furniture that might be decaying. Also, furnishings made from wood composite, like MDF, will swell quickly when exposed to water, and are impossible to save.

Grab a flashlight and keep searching. Inspect the pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room for corrosion around the pipe connections. Check for leaks, water stains, and damaged cabinets. Inspect the caulking around the bathroom fixtures; missing or loose caulking could be caused by water seepage. Definitely, check the water heater for wet spots on the floor and rust on the tank; they only last about 10 years before failure.

Brave The Basement And Other Closed Spaces

Basement leakage is a common problem found in houses. Water in the basement often causes damage to the flooring, baseboards, walls, and furniture. Inspect for cracks, stains, rust, dampness, mold, and odors. Don’t just stand at the doorway, get in there and inspect behind the boxes and under the stairs.

Check the attic for stains, mold, and other signs of roof leaks. Pay special attention to the centerline, the flashing where the roof meets the walls, and the flashing around roof vents and chimneys. Any staining damaged insulation or discoloration that might be indicative of damage. If your home has signs of water damage, it is important that you get some help from professionals.

Property Repair In Las Vegas

Drying a water damaged building requires knowledge and tools most homeowners rarely need. A restoration company has industrial dehumidifiers, fans and air scrubbers plus the experience to repair your home quickly with minimal disruption. At Design Builders, the experienced team will return your property to its pre-loss condition by:

Repairing drywall
Reinstalling flooring
Repairing or reinstalling cabinets
Correcting lighting and electrical
Painting and finishing walls

With 30 years of experience building and restoring properties, you can count on Design Builders to maintain high standards for construction and service. When you contact Design Builders for your water damage needs, you are getting a fully licensed general contractor that can restore any structural damage while performing the water restoration.