Restoration And Reconstruction After Water Damage

commercial construction las vegas, water damage las vegasBurst pipes, blocked drains, outside flooding or simply forgetting a water faucet all night can result in water damage to your business premises or investment property. Your facility can be affected by rainstorms as well as damage from internal water-carrying systems such as piping, tanks, dewatering systems, and equipment. In fact, internal water system failures accounted for almost 25% of business insurance claims. A  small, undetected leak can quickly spread through a building and cause structural, operational, reputational and financial losses.

When water wreaks havoc on your commercial building, the damage can be extensive. You may require replacement of drywall, windows, or roofing. And on larger scale projects, repairs or replacement of a weakened structure could be necessary to your building. The process of returning your facility to production requires an expert assessment, then restoration, then reconstruction.

Restoration And Reconstruction Is A Big Job

Not only do you need help with the initial water problem, but you will also need to repair drywall, flooring, showers or cabinets that may have been damaged in the process. Save yourself a lot of aggravation by hiring a full-service commercial contractor. Contractors, such as Design Builders in Las Vegas, assess the damage, make a response plan, and then coordinate all of the people to get the work done.  

Contractors have trusted, skilled individuals they’ve come to rely upon and thus work well with. Contractors can pull together a response team in a fraction of the time that it might take a business owner on his own. The contractor makes sure everyone knows what needs to happen and when it needs to happen. 

Instead of having to cut payments to a whole slew of people, a contractor will provide you with one quote. It’s then up to the contractors to pay the people sourced for the project. By coordinating the entire project, a contractor may be able to shave billable hours off of the bottom line. Plus having one team responsible for the project from beginning to end, allows you to focus on your business flow.

The Recovery Process

As long as your business is closed, the impact increases daily and in some cases by the hour. Professionals, such as the water damage team at Design Builders, are trained to work quickly and efficiently to get you back in operation in as little time as possible. Once they assess the damage, salvageable items are carefully removed and restored in a secure facility. They will help you sort out printed media such as books and documents as well as computers, hard drives, and optical storage media. Everything salvageable will be cleaned and restored.

Once urgent repairs have been completed, they make sure that the building is free of contaminants and that all air ducts and HVAC systems are operational and clean to prevent future mold problems. The general workflow is:

  • Removing as much water as possible.
  • Removing damaged materials, such as carpet padding or pressboard, that cannot be salvaged.
  • Drying and dehumidifying.
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing.
  • Repairs and restoration.


When a disaster hits a business, dozens of critical documents, files, records, and technical equipment that are indispensable in the smooth flow of business operations are at risk.

Start the prevention process by reviewing and understanding your previous water intrusion exposures and loss history to determine how water-related losses have affected (or could affect) your company.

Do your research on municipal flood and sewer backup prevention programs. Conduct regular inspections. Unlike residential property, commercial buildings tend to have major external HVAC components, large utility rooms, and complex plumbing and wiring.

Locate shut-off valves. If they aren’t easily accessible, are your employee’s trained to know how to locate the valves or who to talk to about it?  Preparation can decrease the amount of damage greatly. Keep valuable stock ad documents secure by purchasing a company safe or waterproof file cabinets to sit several feet above the ground.

Commercial Construction Solutions In Las Vegas

Design Builders Ltd. specializes in commercial construction. Over the last 30 years, they have become a top commercial construction company in the Las Vegas area. From initial design and drawings to the final wall finishes and floor coverings, the team of highly-skilled professionals will pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure your project is completed correctly – on time and within budget.