Renovation or Repair: How to Know What’s Best For You

At some point, every homeowner faces the decision of whether to fix or replace fixtures, windows, doors or other features due to normal wear and tear or damage. For most people, a home is the family’s biggest investment, and the best way to protect that asset is by staying ahead of maintenance and improvements. In an aging home, it may be necessary to renovate household structures that no longer comply with building code. An example is an old deck constructed with railings that do not align with current safety requirements for children. Some renovations reflect a desire for trending cosmetic or lifestyle changes. Technology advancements have opened up new opportunities to enhance a property with upscale living designs reflected in smart homes, innovative lighting and outdoor kitchens.

Do your homework

Before collecting quotes from home renovation Las Vegas contractors, evaluate the best direction for the specific circumstances. Many homeowners weigh heavily the resale value of a home, especially if selling is on the horizon. Canvass national and local real estate sites. From a real estate perspective, it is generally believed that kitchen and bathroom renovations are a worthy investment whereas other sections of the residence may lend itself to drywall repairs, carpentry or painting. If you are thinking long-term, check the date the house was built, and consider the quality and life expectancy of today’s construction materials to those used in the post-war era.

What to look for in a contractor

Once armed with independent research, a realistic budget range and a list of inquiries, it is time to consult with a full-service Las Vegas general contracting magnate for additional insights along with a quote. Choose a repair/home renovation Las Vegas contractor who is licensed, bonded and insured. Ask about the company’s certifications and customer satisfaction guarantee. A company with years of experience servicing your area would have expertise in the optimum materials for the local climate as well as local building codes and required permits. Prepare questions, take notes, and obtain references to be sure you are partnering with a professional that delivers.