How Remodeling Can Make an Impact on Energy Efficiency

Think remodeling… think energy efficiency

The old adage that if you are going to do something, do it right, is never truer than for home remodeling. When discussing renovation with Las Vegas contractors, leverage technological advances in energy efficiency to achieve a higher quality of living and lower utility bills.

Benefits of home remodeling

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, improving home energy efficiency when remodeling can save homeowners energy and money. Take a holistic approach, which is to examine the impact of the entire home’s energy performance, not isolated to a section of the house. Explore upgrades to appliances, insulation and caulking, lighting, space heating and cooling, water heating, windows, doors and skylights. An added enhancement impacting the entire house would be the addition of a renewable energy system like small wind turbine or solar panels. Benefits of the whole-house approach include reduced utility and maintenance costs, increased comfort, reduced noise, a healthier and safer indoor setting, and durability.

Explore energy-efficient trends

Homeowners trying to save money is nothing new, but a global concern about the environment has pushed technology to the forefront and into our personal space. Energy efficiency approaches within our reach were considered futuristic only a few decades ago. Remodeling is an opportunity to take advantage of new technology and convert homes into high-functioning machines. Some innovations are chimney-less, smoke-less, portable fireplaces that burn bio-ethanol; low-flush waterless toilets; garages wired for electric car chargers; and USB ports throughout the home.

Energy efficiency is a wise investment

In the past, prospective home buyers yearned for a big kitchen, a garden and proximity to good schools. Today, with a green spotlight on conservation, optimum use of natural resources and sustainability, the new generation of home owners recognize the benefits of energy-smart homes. They are looking beyond mortgage payments and concerned about high utility bills. This translates to high resale value.

When interviewing Las Vegas contractors, be sure to inquire about specialized experience in modernization, expansion and design build. Select a local, experienced professional able to recommend and apply strategies that incorporate optimal efficiency into the overall design.