Modern vs. Contemporary Architecture

At first glance, the words “modern” and “contemporary” might seem to convey the same theme in architecture. If you take a closer look at the two styles, however, you’ll find subtle nuances unique to each style that set them apart from each other. If you aren’t sure which style is for you, here are a few ways to differentiate between the two. As you start a new building project with a Las Vegas contractor, you’ll be able to articulate the difference and design the exact project that you want.

Contemporary architecture typically refers to home designs being produced today and isn’t limited to a particular design or building material. Modern architecture includes traditional styles that appeared after the Industrial Revolution in the early to mid-20th Century. While contemporary architecture can include a wide range of design elements, ranging from simple to ornate, modern architecture is easily identified by its mimicry of the machine age– lots of concrete, steel, and glass, and a minimalistic floor plan and design. Think sleek and simple. These designs let in lots of light, open up endless floor plan options and since they typically include a light or whitewashed exterior, they tend to reflect heat from the sun.

Switching gears to the 21st Century, contemporary architecture is the undisputed “free spirit” style of the design world. It can take a wide variety of styles and forms, but one thing is consistent–Contemporary homes are built for their “wow factor” and originality. Many art museums are constructed with contemporary design in mind and are considered pieces of art themselves.

As you consider which style is for you, remember that there is no right or wrong answer. Building design is equal parts creativity and sensibility. Work with your contractor to build something that suits your specific needs, and then incorporate elements of the design style that speaks to you. Whether you like the clean, wide-open spaces of a modern look or the quirky, eye-catching allure of a contemporary home, the right Las Vegas contractor can help you build the project of your dreams.