How to Design a Lucrative Retail Space

Despite the increase in online shopping, brick-and-mortar retails establishments are not only alive and well, but thriving. So what does it take to build a retail space that shines and attracts the masses? As a top contractor in Las Vegas, Design Builders has done some research on a few tips to position your design for success.

1) Make Customers Want to Stay

The best retail spaces create a warm, welcoming, and all-inclusive vibe. Make sure you account for the possibility of inclement weather and have adequate indoor and outdoor resources. Secondly, make sure restrooms, changing facilities and seating is accessible and plentiful. You might also consider additional ways to keep your customers onsite in the form of classes or workshops. The key is to find ways to make your space feel like an invitation for customers to make themselves at home in it.

2) Stay True to Yourself

When you dream about your retail space design, what themes or elements surface in your mind? Maybe you cater to food or products from a certain era in time. Incorporate design elements from that time period. Maybe you offer items from a particular region of the world. Borrow ideas from that region to incorporate into your overall theme. Create a cohesive, authentic experience for customers, and they will be more invested in your brand.

3) Flexibility and Technology for the Win

How can you use technology to wow your customers? Could you create a mobile/portable version of your space to take a small selection of your products to customers directly? You could offer a discount to customers who come back to visit your flagship location. What technology can you utilize that your competitors aren’t offering? Whether it’s an in-store virtual catalog, an automated checkout or something as simple as free wi-fi—set yourself apart as a visionary with extra high-tech conveniences for your clientele.

4) Go Green

Even if you have the most environmentally-friendly product on the planet, if your retail space is leaving a huge carbon footprint, it will hurt your image with consumers. When designing your space, look for ways to be more energy-efficient and reduce environmental impacts. Consult Design Builders, a top contractor in Las Vegas, to discuss your ideas for sustainability and how to translate them into a functional, welcoming space.

As you think about location design, keep these tips in mind to ensure that you’re building the right image, as well as the right space.