Reducing the Odds of Permanent Residential Water Damage

Whether it’s the result of a burst pipe or a bathtub that has overflowed, water damage is bad news for Las Vegas homeowners. Mold, rot and pest infestations are predictable consequences of prolonged water exposure. If you’d like to prevent excess moisture from causing permanent damage, these simple tips should serve you well.

Prepare for Water Damage Ahead of Time

When a home suffers water damage of any kind, having a few key tools handy can significantly reduce the odds of permanent damage. At a minimum, every home should be equipped with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck up excess water. Furthermore, every homeowner should know how to shut off their water at a moment’s notice if a pipe bursts.

Immediately Call an Expert When Damage Occurs

The damage caused by a leaking pipe or a flooded basement can increase exponentially the longer you avoid fixing the problem. Building materials like drywall, wood veneer and structural studs don’t react well to sustained water exposure. Depending on the extent of the damage, some materials may have to be replaced entirely. Calling in a qualified water damage professional to assess the situation and begin an immediate restoration effort within 24 hours of water damage is always wise.

Insurance Experience

An experienced restoration contractor can help you negotiate coverage for the repairs with your insurance company, reducing stress on your part. The contractor may see damage that needs repair that the insurance adjustor is not aware of.

Repairing Water Damage the Right Way

Water damage that isn’t repaired properly will inevitably come back to hurt homeowners that try to cut corners. Hiring reputable licensed¬†Las Vegas builders¬†with extensive water damage restoration experience is critical. In any event, the aforementioned tips will definitely lessen the negative effects of water damage.