Know Your Stuff: The Difference Between a Licensed General Contractor and Maintenance Company

A large number of residential and commercial property owners in Las Vegas know surprisingly little about the construction trade. Most assume that anyone with a truck and a few power tools can tackle any project. The truth is that there’s a big difference between a licensed general contractor and a maintenance company.

The Scope of the Work

Las Vegas contractors deal with construction and renovation jobs that require plenty of infrastructure work. This can be anything from building a structure from the ground up to adding onto an existing property. Maintenance companies, on the other hand, deal with minor repair issues like patching holes in drywall or cleaning HVAC ducts. Long story short, maintenance companies keep things from falling apart rather than making major alterations to a building under their care.

Local Licensing Requirements

By law, general contractors in Nevada must be licensed by the Nevada State Contractors Board. In order to meet the standards set forth by their governing body, Las Vegas contractors must demonstrate adequate knowledge and experience in their field. Property maintenance or management companies aren’t bound by the same strict standards that general contractors must abide by.

Bonding and Insurance Coverage

Nevada requires general contractors to be fully bonded and insured before they can bid or work on construction projects. For the most part, a property maintenance company doesn’t have to make the same financial guarantees since their work isn’t governed by the state.

Finding the Right Specialist for Your Projects

If you need to perform major construction or repairs, licensed Las Vegas contractors are your best bet.