Must DO’s When Faced with a Flood in your Home or Business

blog5By: Christina Stanfill

If your home or business has ever been met with the devastating effects of a flood, then you are aware that prompt attention to the damaged areas is necessary in an effort to minimize on your overall loss. Here at Design Builders, Ltd., we have made a short bullet point list of things TO DO if you are ever faced with the unwelcomed event of water damage.

Stop the leak at the main source when possible. For example, if your toilet is leaking, it could be as simple as turning the water valve at the base of your toilet all the way to the right. Otherwise, it may be turning off your water main – which may require the help of a plumber.

Just remember that safety is priority. Water and electricity do not accommodate one another very well; therefore, it is necessary to ensure that anything plugged in is unplugged quickly. Only do so if your safety is not going to be compromised in the process.

Begin the dry out! Don’t wait!! Within 24 to 48 hours, your recently flooded home or business is the perfect environment for mold to grow. It is highly necessary to begin cleaning up the water immediately so that the dry out can be initiated. We recommend calling a professional and licensed company to assist you in doing so.

Call your insurance company. In an event as traumatic as a flood to your home or business, we understand that it may be difficult to verbalize details in a clear way. Try to take a few breaths and gather the details that your agent will need prior to making the phone call.

Record anything that you can. Whether it is by photo, or video – document your loss. This will help both you and your insurance company in the future process of restoring your personal belongings and contents.

Please remember the key steps in helping to alleviate the overall devastation of your loss. Stop the water source, ensure safety from electrical shock, begin cleaning up and drying out, call your insurance company and record your loss.

We do not anticipate that your home or business will incur a water damage; however, we have a team of professionals available to assist you in the event that you do. We will definitely be available to you when you need us.